WEnergy Global Pte Ltd, a Singapore based company that is active in the development, EPC and ownership of solar PV/hybrid power projects. The Company has a strong focus on 24/7 RE-hybrid power systems for off-grid areas, for example, comprising a solar PV power system, a large-scale clean battery, a diesel generation set and all required distribution infrastructure. The Company is preparing for further innovations in the hybridization of power generation systems, such as the use of tidal power to further reduce the diesel consumption and push for a 100% renewable energy driven system. WEnergy Global has developed business and financial models that are able to evaluate investments in RE-infrastructure under different regulatory and fiscal frameworks in the ASEAN Region. The Company also brings in skills for multi-stakeholders engagement to manage complex RE-infrastructure projects in all stages of the project cycle.


As a signatory of the Paris Pledge for Action on Climate Change, the Company is well aware of the ASEAN countries’ INDC’s
[1] under UNFCCC
[2] and uses this active knowledge in its design and financial economic analysis of projects or its advisory services. The Company applies life-cycle approaches in its design, engineering and financial planning, inspired by principles of a Circular Economy. The spirit of WEnergy Global is to never say ‘no’ to any challenge, because the Company is driven by the fact that the knowledge space is full of infinite possibilities and finding a solution is a matter of use of Mind and Brains resulting into creativity. The Company’s commitment to innovation is in its leadership and employees; cultivating creative technology, execution and financing capabilities. The Company consistently promotes sustainable electrification that is affordable to consumers in off-grid areas and aiming to boost green growth. For on-grid clients, WEnergy Global designs and builds RE-power systems and provides energy-saving technologies with the highest possible return on investments for the client.


The Company consistently promotes and uses ‘cradle-to-cradle’ certified batteries with long-life cycles and the use of renewable energy powered hybrid systems in micro-grids. It has combined/integrated clean energy storage technologies in its flagship micro-grid (“Sabang RE-Hybrid Micro-Grid Project “) which is scheduled to commence construction in first-half of 2017 with an investment of approximately USD 9 million.
[1] INDC stands for Intended Nationally Determined Contributions
[2] UNFCCC stands for United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

The Sabang flagship micro-grid project is the first of such kind in Philippines, it consist of a solar PV power plant of 1.4 MW, a clean battery pack of 2.3 MWh (the largest clean battery in South East Asia in a micro-grid), 1.2 MW of diesel generators and a 14 km smart grid aiming to supply 24/7 power to about 650 small and large off-takers in the concession area in a close to carbon neutral manner. WEnergy Global has collaborated with Singapore’s A-Star Energy & Power Grid Centre (EPCG) to run some simulations to test the micro-grid capabilities. Concerted with the state-of-the-art engineering design, commercial viability and contribution to the green growth, the Sabang flagship project was awarded the Erasmus Energy Business Award 2014 of the Rotterdam School of Management in The Netherlands.. The off-grid solutions of WEnergy Global are scalable and can be replicated with some customization on the basis of site-specific load demand characteristics. For example, the Sabang flagship project will be scaled to a two times bigger size for Culion Island, also in Palawan, Philippines – as a feed-in-grid power project. A smaller version will be built on Linapacan Island in Palawan. Both island solar PV-Diesel-Battery power systems are around USD 15 million and expected to commence construction in last quarter of 2017. The Company’s knowledge is recognized by several clients in the ASEAN region, such as the GGGI (Global Green Growth Institute) engaging WEnergy Global to conduct a pre-feasibility study for the hybridization of current diesel powered island grids in eight (8) towns of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) in the Republic of Indonesia. The estimated market potential for off-grid hybrid-powered infrastructure (and not via solar home systems) in ASEAN is over USD 30-40 billion in order provide access to electricity to over 150 million people.


Another showcase of WEnergy Global’s innovative design and engineering is the clean solar lighting system which is installed along the 23.5km bicycle track around the Suvarnabhumi International Airport of Bangkok in Thailand. The LED light system, a Dutch brand and made in China, can operate just using sunlight and with an autonomy of 4 to 5 days even during rainy periods. The solar lighting system operates using a clean battery (no lead acid or lithium-ion, but sodium-ion) controlled by a specific power management system that enables smooth charging and discharging of this type of battery. The innovative mesopic LED is excellent for the eyes of human beings to see things clear in darkness, while using less electricity. The choice of mesopic LED also enabled reduction of approximately 150 lighting poles as compared to conventional solutions. The entire design by WEnergy Global has the longest life-time i.e. of about 10 years compared to the systems proposed by competitors, which was the reason why the company won the bid. The light pole system does not create any risks of heavy metals or acids leaking into the ground and surface waters.


WEnergy Global engages in capacity development activities by working with private investors, financing institutions, government agencies, civic society organisations, consumers and suppliers of technology components. The Company realised that renewable energy technologies are not yet a mainstream solutions as rules and regulations in several ASEAN countries are still being considered or being developed. WEnergy Global staff and directors are active contributors to processes where knowledge and experiences are exchanged with leaders and representatives of the key stakeholders. In some cases WEnergy Global staff contribute to the change of rules and regulations through consultations, workshops and training, but mostly through direct-engagement in delivering proofs of financial economic and climate benefits to clients and partners.