Sustainability is at the core of our business. It is our mission to provide affordable and sustainable energy to everyone. We believe that in our journey to realizing this mission, we should lead by example and commit ourselves to practices that will produce a positive long term impact on the planet.

Sunseap’s Product Differentiation

Sunseap main product is solar energy as a service. Apart from this, Sunseap is also looking into auxiliary products such as Solar Powered Wifi or “Green-Fi”, as well as energy storage solutions for solar energy. Sunseap is self-reliant and vertically integrated, fulfilling functions from installation to maintenance. Sunseap also actively participate in Research & Development that allows it to gain insights into industry trends. On top of this, Sunseap is also the only company with enough generation capacity to on-sell solar electricity to consumers regardless if they have a roof to deploy solar systems.

(Sunseap’s workers performing maintenance of the solar system)

Solar modules have long lifecycles that stretches beyond 20 years. In order to maximize yield and prevent disruption to the clients’ operation, around the clock monitoring and regular maintenance are conducted to ensure that the performance of the solar systems remain at an optimal level.

High Scalability and Scope-ability

Solar is a form of energy that has high scalability and scope-ability. It can be deployed rapidly across land and water bodies.

(Sunseap’s testbed at Tengeh Reservoir)

Solar modules/panels can be used to supplement or power devices and objects; from calculators to street lamps. Other ways to utilize solar include large scale deployment such as land solar farms and floating solar farms. Looking beyond commercial deployment of solar systems atop buildings, Sunseap is also involved in large scale deployment – such as the aforementioned floating and land solar farms (locally and regionally), as well as auxiliary areas like solar-powered Wifi or “Green-Fi”. In Jan 2016, Sunseap announced that it won a 140 MegaWatt-peak (MWp) tender for a solar farm in Rajasthan, India. It followed up with the announcement of a 10 MWp solar farm in Bavet City, Svay Rieng, Cambodia – the first solar farm in Cambodia.