StarHub is committed to conducting business in a sustainable manner, and continuously strive for a harmonious balance amongst its economic, social and environmental objectives. To achieve this, StarHub’s ethos is guided by Ethics, Corporate Governance, Human Rights, Environmental Responsibility and Civic Mindedness. Sustainability is a huge part of StarHub’s business strategy to create value for its investors, stakeholders and the community. Its sustainability efforts therefore, centre on nurturing StarHub as a trusted brand through innovation, integrity, customer service excellence and continuously minimising the environmental impacts of its business operations.

StarHub’s Sustainability Strategy

StarHub’s sustainability strategy is driven by the mission to create value. Ongoing analyses of the most significant impacts of its business operations, combined with the insights gained from stakeholder engagements are at the core of StarHub’s value creation efforts. The review process takes into account the feedback from stakeholder engagement, broader sustainability trends and issues facing the telecom and media industries. Sustainable business growth for StarHub means relentlessly working towards maximising financial returns for our stakeholders. We continue to invest in upgrading our telecom infrastructure which is a critical part of Singapore’s national infocomm infrastructure. Millions of businesses, homes and individuals rely on connectivity and entertainment provided by our business. Meeting their expectations is our top priority, including transparency in tariffs, data privacy,and responsible media content. In meeting these needs, we have also greened our business operations, minimising our carbon footprint to a large extent.

StarHub Social Responsibility

Employee engagement is critical to the success of the company. Hence policies are centred on building a vibrant workplace based on trust, teamwork, inclusivity and excellence. In response to ensuring a motivated and productive workforce, career development is aimed at building leadership quality, identifying and equipping employees with critical technical skills to meet market demands. Regular communication on the company’s mission and goals empowers employees in seeing the link between that and their role in contributing to the company’s success, thus fostering pride. Sound HR policies together with a variety of benefits and initiatives to engage employees have seen improved year-over-year high satisfaction and lower-than national average employee turnover rates. The StarHub Sparks Fund is the company’s community investment vehicle, focused on maximising underprivileged youths’ potential via training, skills enhancement and basic needs. In 2015, total donations amounted to over S$1 million, supporting over 22,000 disadvantaged beneficiaries in their education and/or employability. We work with local voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) and the National Council of Social Services (NCSS) to better understand needs in the community and the areas to support, for maximum impact. We also engage our employees, customers and business partners in our community outreach, whether it be volunteering or fundraising. RENEW (REcycling the Nation’s Electronic Waste), StarHub’s flagship recycling campaign, has become Singapore’s most inclusive and extensive electronic waste recycling programme. With 328 bins across over 270 locations country-wide¹, this has positively impacted Singapore’s waste reduction and management, complementing the government’s call of building a sustainable nation.
¹ As at 31 December 2016