A Sustainable Tomorrow at ONG&ONG Group

A multi-disciplinary design house like ONG&ONG exists to create real design solutions and design is constantly being redefined by sustainability. Hence, at ONG&ONG Group, we are continually evolving our organisation and design processes to deliver sustainable building solutions aimed at meeting our clients, employees and communities’ needs for today, while creating a better world to live, work and play. Recognising the need to cast a long-term keen eye on sustainability, we continuously work to implement and manage sustainability by putting the right people, resources and processes in place to help realise our goals of a more resourceful business, resilient society and regenerative environment.


At ONG&ONG, we are authentic in all that we do, and we do not take commitment lightly. Therefore, it is natural for us to create guidelines to assist us in our ongoing pursuit of sustainability development. With our core values as the foundation and driven by our mission of becoming designers of our age to improve the world in which we live, whilst conserving our environment, the following 360°Sustainability principles are woven into the fabric of our company.

Value-Chain Focused Materiality Assessment

We understand how buildings touch the lives of homeowners, shoppers, tenants, serviced residences’ guests, and members of the public. Therefore, at ONG&ONG Group, we use a holistic systems view to gain understanding of our context and challenges and apply the appropriate lenses of community, wellness, ecology, materials and energy that engender our sustainability strategy – 360°Sustainability to deliver design solutions – 360°Solution that enhances human wellness, optimal performance, collaboration and experience.

Through a valuechain materiality assessment, we wereable to clarify issues that drive long-term business value at ONG&ONG Group, identify, prioritise and address risks; and capture new market opportunities. Establishing structured efforts to align sustainability and business strategies, the materiality assessment has helped us forge collaborative bonds with external stakeholders. This targeted focus on collaborative innovation, adaptive management, performance measurement and reporting has in turn strengthened our business core and opened doors to infrastructure projects overseas.

Sustainable Design Leadership through Active Community Engagement

Heartbeat@ Bedok, one of Singapore’s largest integrated complexes-the headliner of Singapore Housing Development Board’s (HDB) ‘Remaking our Heartland (ROH)’ is set to rejuvenate Bedok Town Centre, which is within one of the oldest and largest housing estate in Singapore. A progressive community building integrated with thoughtful functions of environmental consciousness such as naturally-ventilated public atrium, greenery lines integrating rainwater and grey water systems, and visually unobtrusive brise soleils was conceptualised in 2014.

This complex is a lifestyle hub for multigenerational families and friends to spend their time together under one roof, engaging in ‘A total wellness experience for residents, strengthening bonds’. Led by Project Director, Asvinkumar Kantilal, the design team provided early visioning and design development support and ongoing project assessments to facilitate HDB’s vision of creating vibrant social spaces under its ROH programme.

Combining a community club, sports and recreation centre, public library, medical polyclinic and a senior care centre, the team implemented an integrated sustainability delivery model complete with sustainable design services and cross-agencies and residents’ engagement sessions to identify design priorities, challenges and opportunities, resulting in not only building systems and aesthetic improvement but also a customised sustainability action plan aimed at reducing maintenance costs, while increasing space utilisation and end-user satisfaction. Almost four years in the making, the design is both unique and unprecedented in its scope and ambitions. Various communication platforms were setup for residents to voice their ideas, views and needs and 11,000 residents were eventually surveyed. An architecturally distinctive community building characterised by its sustainability, multiple and cross-agencies, residents’ needs and expectations metamorphosing into a total wellness and family lifestyle destination for residents and visitors of Bedok in 2017.