We at En-trak have a firm belief that sustainability is for everyone. That’s why we created solutions that are practical and scalable.  Our clear value propositions do not require a customer with a green heart, a windfall source of funding, or special government regulations. We focus on a common element across the globe – cutting operating costs. Return on investment is key – so we maximize that return and minimize the investment with smart product design. In our view, too many companies focus on making the largest possible impact while using cool new technologies but they neglect business common sense. For example, in a recent project our Smart Lighting solution helped a major multinational company reduce their office lighting use by over 70%. A competitor claimed they could reduce their lighting energy use by 90% – for five times the cost. Whether it’s about energy efficiency or employee productivity, all organizations have a fundamental interest in reducing costs while maintaining or increasing output. By ensuring our customers cut operating costs, we make it possible for every company to become sustainable.

Commercialisation Success

It wasn’t easy to get to where we are today. You can think and plan and model all you want, but at the end of the day the market has the final say. You have to get your solutions out there and start the process of trial and error. As a bootstrapped startup, that meant convincing our first customers to take money out of their pocket and take a chance on a new solution. We’re proud to say we delivered on those early expectations, and have continued to improve and meet increasingly higher expectations from our growing customer base. As such we were able to keep the focus on the value of our solutions and getting informed feedback from knowledgeable customers. Starting up in Singapore was essential as it was a proving ground for us to maintain market leadership there and eventually also in Hong Kong / Macau. We are confident that our committed adherence to creating practical and scalable sustainability solutions will be the core driver for our growth as a company. With 4.5 billion people in Asia, we’ve only just begun our journey – bigger things await us, and we’re ready for them!

En-trak’s Product Diversification

We’re now well positioned to take the role as a leader in the Asia Pacific region for energy IoT. Our Energy Management solution is tracking 100+ million kilowatt-hours annually, sending out alerts and reports daily to help our customers reduce energy use. And our new, patented Smart Lighting solution is rapidly breaking the paradigm of zonal, offline lighting control for businesses, opening up huge new possibilities for lighting optimization through wireless control of individual fixtures. Most importantly, our solutions are no longer operating in silo. We’ve built integrations not only between our own solutions, but also with third-party solutions in the market. From printer data to building management records to temperature logs, we have a wide range of data for our customers to leverage as they cut operating costs. This integration drive will continue for some time yet – we have only hit the tip of the iceberg in terms of energy IoT.

(En-trak Energy Heatmap)

(En-trak Energy Treemap)