Award Structure

The Awards has 2 categories – Sustainable Business and Clean Technology.

Within the Sustainable Business and Clean Technology categories, 5 organisations from each of the Large Organisations and SMEs sub-categories will be shortlisted, after which 3 winners will be chosen. Of these 3 winners, 1 will be awarded the Apex Winner* title. *As the Awards represents the most prestigious form of recognition for companies in Singapore on Corporate Sustainability, “winners” do not necessarily mean that they are awarded the “Apex Winner” title. The Apex Winner title is only accorded when the judging panel unanimously agree that the winning organization deserves the title based on the quality of applications for that year. Organisations are eligible to be accorded the Apex Winner title only once. However, these organisations are permitted to re-apply for the Awards, bearing in mind that the highest achievement they can be awarded is “winner” from the second time round on. All winners will be recognised at our annual Singapore Apex Corporate Sustainability Awards Gala Dinner on 8 November 2017.



With the integration between Global Compact Network Singapore (GCNS) and Singapore Business Federation (SBF) Sustainable Development Business Group in April 2016, the Singapore Apex Corporate Sustainability Awards build on both the GCNS’s Singapore Apex CSR Awards and SBF’s Singapore Sustainability Awards, which were held in commendation by the private sector in their own right. The Singapore Apex CSR Awards and Sustainable Business Awards organised by GCNS and SBF last took place in 2015 respectively.